About me

photo_Alex_Beisser high resI am an experienced Information Governance Expert with a focus on IT and project governance. I have been involved in several implementations of electronic patient record systems across community and acute healthcare settings. In the implementation of Cerner Millennium in Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust I participated from the tendering to the successful go live; being responsible for the Information Assurance and access control workstreams ensuring that good practice guidelines are followed.

I have a technical background and understanding of how IT Management influences core business processes. I gained an understanding on how to use IT to improve strategic business processes to reap benefits for the organisations stakeholders and clients across different industry. I worked in IT management beforeĀ  I moved into the fields of governance and data protection.

Over the years I developed a passion for promoting Information Governance as a key enabler for sharing data in a safe and effective manner to radically improve the services that local people receive from the healthcare providers, local government as well as the private and voluntary sector.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling to Southeast Asia, cooking Indochinese food and learning from health informatics developments in the Fareast.